Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Bunch of Munsch

Students in Mrs. Proudman's class have been visiting the library in order to participate in a Robert Munsch author study.  Robert Munsch is best known for his book Love You Forever.  However, in addition to Love You Forever, Munsch has written MANY other books - and they are really funny!

Some class favorites include Moira's Birthday and Kiss Me, I'm Perfect.  The protagonists, or main characters, of both of these stories find themselves in some pretty silly situations.

The Paper Bag Princess is an interesting take on a fairy tale.  Instead of a princess being rescued by a prince, this story features a very heroic princess and a snobby prince.  This story teaches the importance of being kind to others.

After reading the story, Mrs. Proudman's students decorated their very own paper bag princess puppets.  Here are some pictures of the students hard at work:

And here are the finished products!

Another story that we really enjoyed was called Mmm, Cookies!  This was a story about a very mischievous boy who tried to trick his family members into eating cookies made of clay.  Mrs. Proudman's students then made their own clay cookies out of "Muhlbauer-Doh".  It was a great way to spend a Friday!

Do these cookies look appetizing to you?

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