Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall Conferences

There is nothing quite as invigorating as attending professional conferences...even though it gives me anxiety to leave the district and spend time away from the library and the students! It is a total boost to meet with other librarians/educators and hear about the great things that they are doing in their schools. Conferences always provide me with the energy and inspiration necessary to come back and try new things in the library. This September, I was fortunate to not only attend the New York Library Association (NYLA) Conference, but I was able to present as well! The Pioneer Library Department discussed our district-wide Family Reading Night event. We were provided with a GIGANTIC room complete with a stage. Once the butterflies in our stomachs settled, we all really enjoyed the opportunity to share our ideas with others.

Presenting at NYLA with Miss Kosmerl, Mrs. Brisky, and Mrs. Pierce

While at NYLA, we visited a booth featuring a "big bacon" that you could take your picture in!  Of course, I couldn't resist.

Another booth at NYLA featured a display where people were invited to share why they became a librarian.  I became a librarian because I was inspired by my high school librarian, Kit Howard.  To this day, I am convinced that she is the world's best librarian!

In October, I attended the New York State Middle School Association Conference with Miss Schaper.  We presented about last year's district-wide nonfiction project.  It was very exciting to share the great work that Pioneer students did last year.  The teachers that listened to our presentation were amazed by the quality of the nonfiction books that Pioneer students produced.

While at the conference, we attended a session about social media.  Although there are many wonderful positives to social media, it was frightening to hear about all of the dangers associated with it as well.  This is definitely a topic I want to learn more about.

Looking forward to attending more conferences in the spring.

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