Wednesday, November 6, 2013

GIANT Speedbooking

Speedbooking has become a highly-anticipated event in our library!  Interesting in how speedbooking works?  First, students spend around one minute visiting with a book.  After recording the book's author, title, and call number, students then decide if they would like to read the book in the future.  Once time is up, students move on to the next book in line.  At the end of the activity, students will have a large listing of books in the library that they may be interested in reading. 

Speedbooking has been a great way to kick off the sixth grade nonfiction unit.  As part of this unit students will need to research a topic of their own choosing and later write their very own book on the topic.  Through speedbooking many students take inspiration from the nonfiction books they visited with.

This year, we chose to combine classes for the BIGGEST speedbooking event ever in the library!  Miss Schaper and Mr. Guzzetta's classes visited the library at the same time for the activity.  Mr. Rehrauer and Mr. Richards also participated in speedbooking.

The best part about speedbooking is the interest it generates in our library books.  Nonfiction has been flying off of the shelves!

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