Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Science Olympiad Success!

On Saturday, March 1st, 2014, two teams from Pioneer Middle School competed in the regional Science Olympiad competition held at Waterfront Elementary in Buffalo.  The competition included twenty different events involving areas of science.  Some of the events, such as rotor egg drop and wheeled vehicle, involved bringing a building project to the competition.  Other events included labs or testing in areas such as astronomy, geology, and zoology.

Preparations for the competition included LOTS of studying.  Students prepared study guides and cheat sheets for their events by using the material provided on the Science Olympiad wiki as well as the online databases accessed through the middle school library website.

 The teams had a very successful day.  The Green team finished in tenth place overall and the White team finished in fourteenth place.  Medal winners are:

5thPlace in Meteorology – Jessica B. and Donovan L.
5th Place in Road Scholar – Micah N. and Chris T.
4thPlace in Disease Detectives – Kaylee B. and Emilee H.
4th Place in Dynamic Planet – Maggie G. and Hunter H.
4th Place in Green Generation – Robert B. and Jarod F.
4th Place in Invasives – Madison L. and Clay T.
4th Place in Road Scholar – Kaylee B. and Jessica B.
4th Place in Write It/Do It – Maggie G. and Amber Z.
3rd Place in Heredity – Hunter H. and Micah N.
3rd Place in Rocks and Minerals – Jessica B. and Emilee H.
2nd Place in Green Generation – Jessica B. and Nate T.
1st Place in Write It/Do It – Jessica B. and Emilee H.

The members of the Green team include Ben C., Scott H., Emilee H., Donovan L., Ronald L., Kaylee B., Nate T., and Jessica B..  Robert B., Jarod F., Maggie G., Hunter H., Gavon H., Barbara L., Madison L., Micah N., Clay T., Chris T., and Amber Z. are the members of the White team.  Coaches for Science Olympiad are middle school teachers Mr. Atkinson, Mr. Hill, Miss Muhlbauer, and Mrs. Unghire.  Outstanding work, team!

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