Friday, October 24, 2014

Book Trailers and Augmented Reality

After attending a librarian conference last year, I was introduced to the idea of "augmented reality" - an amazing tool used to really enhance learning experiences.  Last year, the French 7 and French 8 classes were able to experience augmented reality by using the Aurasma app on the iPads.  When holding the iPad up to a "trigger image," students were able to see videos of tourist destinations in Paris.

This year, we hoped to use augmented reality as a way to promote books.  Our library currently has a book display featuring augmented reality.  When students visit the library, they may use my iPad in order to view book trailers for their current books.  By using the Aurasma app, students only need to point the iPad at the framed picture next to the book.  This will then display the book's book trailer right on the iPad!  The book trailers will definitely help students decide if they might be interested in reading the book.

I don't know about you, but I feel like the whole concept of augmented reality is nothing short of magical!  We're looking forward to discovering new ways to incorporate this exciting technology into our library.

This picture shows the directions for accessing the book trailers.

When the Aurasma app is open, students can point the iPad at the framed pictures to view the book trailers.

We have prepared many book trailers using Aurasma.  Once the current books are checked out, we will refresh this area with a whole new display!

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