Wednesday, October 29, 2014

colAR Mix

After seeing another library colleague use colAR Mix in her library this month, we decided to give it a try at Pioneer.  coLAR mix is another Augmented Reality tool, like the Aurasma app used previously.  When you print out the coloring sheets from the colAR mix website, you can then use the colAR mix app in order to view your coloring sheet in 3D.  Like Aurasma, clearly this is magical too! 

Ms. Gates' fifth grade students were taking a test on cells today.  After a dazzling display where students shared facts about cells prior to the test, we decided to show them a 3D version of an animal cell.  I just loved the surprised faces the students had when they literally saw the cell jump off the page!

Legitimate amazement.

I love how you can see the cell so clearly!  It really helps to visualize what the organelles look like as they are floating around in the cytoplasm.

Later today, Mrs. Proudman's students stopped in for their weekly library visit.  I thought that this would be another great opportunity to introduce students to Augmented Reality through colAR mix.  For this week's visit a Halloween party was in order.  We completed a pumpkin coloring sheet from colAR mix.  Again, it was so great to see the amazed faces when the pumpkins came to life!

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