Tuesday, October 28, 2014


It is less than a month until the Pioneer Brick Panthers team competes in the regional FIRST LEGO League tournament in Houghton, NY.  This is Pioneer's first year participating in LEGO League, so we all (students and coaches!) have a lot to learn.  I know that I am speaking for the other coaches when I say that the level of creativity displayed by the team members has been astonishing!

For those unfamiliar with FLL, it is a three part competition.  The spontaneous "Core Values" section will assess how well team members work together as a group in order to perform a specific task.  The "Project" section is more of a traditional science project.  Students are to research a way to innovate ways that people learn.  The team must then share their innovation with a group of people who can benefit from their research.  They then must create a short presentation to show the judges what they learned through the research process.  Last but not least is the "Robotics" component!  Students are honing their computer programming skills in order to train a robot to complete missions.  Each mission is worth a predetermined amount of points, so the team that accumulates the most points will win this section of the competition.

Above all else, the FLL competition stresses the importance of having gracious professionalism.  This means that the team must display good sportsmanship and camaraderie.  The coaches agree that this is the most important takeaway from the learning process!

Stay tuned to see how Pioneer fares at their first FLL competition.

Building attachments for the robot.

This has something to do with the research project.  I don't want to give away the secret!

The research project involves A LOT of planning.

This is the table where the robot practices the missions.  When we arrive at the competition, the table will be set up exactly the same way.

Two gentlemen planning out the research project.

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