Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Iron Chef: Pioneer Edition!

The seventh grade students in Mrs. LoBianco's FACS classes came to the library in order to prep for Pioneer's first ever Iron Chef competition.  Much like the Iron Chef show on television, students must create a dish based around a secret ingredient.  For this competition, the secret ingredient is apple!

Students had many different jobs in order to prepare for this competition.  Each group had a chef, sous chef, marketer, dietician, spokesperson, accountant, recorder, and historian. 

Although all students were in the library to prepare, the recorder and the historian were using library resources and skills to complete their portion of the project.  The recorder was responsible for making sure that all sources were properly cited using the MLA note sheets available in the library.  They were able to assist their group members in preparations through using the websites provided on a Symbaloo page.

The symbaloo made it easy for all group members to access the websites needed for research.

The historians had the challenge of researching the history of apples.  In order to find information about apples, the historians used both a database (World Book) and website.  Both sources were cited by using the MLA note sheets.

A group historian recording apple facts.

A group working together to decide on a recipe.

A marketing team beginning the initial stages of their poster.

I am very disappointed that I won't be available to taste the finished products, but am so proud of the work that the FACS students have done so far!

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