Monday, November 17, 2014

Regional Foods of the United States Research

Mrs. LoBianco's FACS classes visited the library again this month.  This time, the fifth grade classes visited instead of the seventh graders.  In order to support both literacy and social studies, Mrs. LoBianco created a project where students will learn about the food associated with the regions of the United States.

Prior to visiting the library, students located the different United States regions and shaded in their chosen region on a map.  When students came to the library, they received instruction on how to use the Kids InfoBits database in order to find information about the food within their region.

An important part of this project was beginning the discussion on finding credible sources and avoiding plagiarism.  Students learned about the benefits of using databases and about the importance of citing their sources.  The project required the use of a MLA-formatted research note sheet - the first of many that students will see during the course of their middle school research projects!

Students accessing Kids InfoBits, a Gale database.

This is the MLA notesheet for the project.  Students are learning how to properly cite their sources.
After reading through the material provided by Kids InfoBits, students will gain an understanding of how history, traditions, and geography have shaped the foods enjoyed in the different United States regions.  Mrs. LoBianco is offering extra credit to students who bring in food from the regions studied.  I am really hoping that students bring in lots of delicious food!

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