Friday, December 5, 2014

Nonfiction Scavenger Hunt

Students in Mrs. Rice's fifth grade ELA classes visited the library this week in order to kick off their nonfiction unit.  Students came prepared with lots of nonfiction skills.  As it turns out, the majority of the students were already authors of nonfiction!  Many students wrote nonfiction books during their fourth grade year.

We chose to use nonfiction books about planets in order to locate important text features found within nonfiction books.  The students were very successful in using the text features to easily navigate the books and learn some new facts about space.

One of the most interesting facts we learned during this activity was about the big red spot located on Jupiter.  This spot is actually a giant storm that is taking place on the planet.  On a calm day, the storm is the size of Earth.  On a particularly stormy day, the red spot can actually become the size of three Earths!  It sounds like Jupiter might not be the nicest place to visit.

At the end of the activity, we wanted to see if students enjoyed reading these books and why.  For the most part, students found the books about space to be very interesting because of the cool facts and pictures found within the book.

Mrs. Rice's class will soon be returning to the library to explore the library's nonfiction section further.

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