Thursday, January 29, 2015

Celebrating International Dot Day (only a few months late)

As it turns out, International Dot Day is celebrated around September 15th-ish.  We didn't get around to celebrating Dot Day in Mrs. Proudman's class until January!

For those unfamiliar with Dot Day, it is a special holiday centered around The Dot, a book by Peter H. Reynolds.  The Dot talks about a student who was initially reluctant to try her hand at art, but was able to conquer her fears through the creative influence of a special teacher.  In short, International Dot Day is all about creativity.  The students in Mrs. Proudman's class are all sorts of creative, so this was definitely a holiday made just for them.

We used the TumbleBooks service in order to view an interactive ebook/audiobook of The Dot.  After  viewing the book, we then had a discussion on what it means to be creative.  We especially liked that the main character in the book worked really hard to perfect her dots.  She was always experimenting with new ways to create her artwork.

After the book, it was time to try our own hand at a creative project.  I found great resources about Dot Day on this site:

One of the ideas on the site showed how to create dots by using a piece of artwork from everyone on the class.  The first step was to make your own dot.

The second step was to cut your dot into equal pieces.  As an added bonus, this gave us a chance to talk about fractions.  Next, all of the students gave each of their classmates a piece of their own dot.

Last, the students used pieces of each dot they received in order to create a brand new dot.  I especially liked how some students chose to make different designs using the pieces of their dot.

Although every day with Mrs. Proudman's group is a creative day, sometimes it is nice to focus in and celebrate the creativity we all share.

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