Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Maker Club Begins

It has been a long process, but the Pioneer Middle School Maker Club has officially formed!  Here is a little of the back story.  In November 2014, a space in the library was cleared out in order to make room for our makerspace.  A book fair was also held in November in order to raise funds for new library supplies.  Some of these funds are also going to be used for some of the consumable items (origami paper, duct tape, etc.) to be used in Maker Club.

Once we had a space and some supplies, it was time to generate some interest in Maker Club.  During the Hour of Code event held in December, 74 students came to check out what computer coding is all about.  Many of these students were interested in continuing to code, so this is a natural fit for what we are hoping to do in Maker Club.

On Thursday, January 8th, the first meeting of Maker Club took place in the library.  There were 18 students in attendance.  All four grade levels were represented, which was nice!  First, students were introduced to the new makerspace in the library.
The completed library makerspace.  Plenty of room for supplies, how-to books, and a nice workspace! 
Looking forward to seeing what will be posted on the bulletin board by members of Maker Club.
Students were then introduced to what Maker Club is.  There was some confusion about this, as a Maker Club is a bit of an open-ended concept.
We then discussed the goals of Maker Club and provided students with examples of activities that would be appropriate for Maker Club.
Once students learned about what was possible in Maker Club, we asked them to write down three different activities that they would be interested in trying during the meetings.  These lists will help us when we go out to buy new supplies.

Of course, we did have to set some ground rules:
After that brief introduction, the students were up and running.  I guess I should say they were up and creating!  Students used their time in Maker Club to explore a variety of activities.
Students created with Legos donated by our principal, Ms. Prorok.  Thanks, Ms. Prorok!

Duct tape crafts.

Weaving with plastic bands.

Computer coding at code.org. Other students used computer programming to code a Lego robot, too.

Origami frog.
The Maker Club is off to a great start.  Because of the ideas generated on the entrance tickets, we will be gathering the supplies needed to try paper-mache at a future meeting.  We welcome any donations of crafting supplies, also.  Hope to see you at the next Maker Club!

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