Monday, February 9, 2015

SnapShotNY: A Day in the Life of a Library

The New York Library Association (NYLA) invites all libraries across New York to participate in SnapShotNY, an initiative to document a day in the life of a library.  Libraries are allowed to pick a day between January 20 and February 9 and keep track of all the great things going on in the library during a given day.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015 is the day we chose to document for SnapShotNY.  Although our library is not usually a quiet place, this was a particularly busy day!  Here are the highlights.

During the school day, there were 113 book checkouts (Mrs. Boberg had a very busy day!!), 6 equipment checkouts, and 82 page views to the library website.  Approximately 45 students visited the library to work independently on classwork and research projects.
Students in the library to print a project.

Using the computer to research a cool new game!

Using the library computers to research a "Where in the World" assignment for social studies.

Getting cozy while researching for the "Where in the World" assignment.
Mrs. Proudman's class visited the library for their weekly library class.  During class, we read the book Brick by Brick by Charles R. Smith, Jr. in honor of Black History Month.  This book discussed how the White House was built by both slaves and free people.  Since Mrs. Proudman's students have previously discussed slavery, reading this book led to a very rich conversation.  We then colored pictures of Washington, D.C. landmarks and checked out books.
Reading Brick by Brick by Charles R. Smith, Jr.

Coloring pictures of Washington, D. C.
Mrs. Richards and Mr. Kramer's two fifth grade social studies classes continued work on their South America research project.  The classes were previously in the library gathering research on a South American country using the World Book database.  Students are now putting their research together in a PowerPoint presentation.
Fifth grade is working on South America projects.
Probably the largest event happening in the library that day was a project with Ms. Marshall's eighth grade French classes.  Five classes visited for a total of 95 French students in the library.  As part of their Community and Neighborhood unit, the classes visited the library in order to make villages out of paper.  Each class was broken into four groups with each group responsible for creating the different neighborhoods in each village.  This required knowledge of French words (since all items needed to be labeled correctly in French) and a lot of teamwork.  This project also tied into what our library offers through Maker Club, too!  After the neighborhoods were built, students then used their French knowledge to give directions around town in French.
Creating the neighborhoods required a lot of teamwork.

Once all of the buildings were placed, students then decorated the neighborhoods.

Cutting and assembling the buildings.

An example of the different French terms that students will need to give directions.

The final rush to finish the village!
In addition to the scheduled classes using the library, there were also a variety of study groups that came down the library to work on classwork.  These groups were led by Mrs. Rickerson, Mrs. Hunt, Mr. Souder, Mrs. Battaglia, Mr. Mazzatti, and Mrs. Izzo.  Twenty-eight students participated in these groups.
Mrs. Hunt's study group.

Mrs. Battaglia helps fifth grade students begin their study of South America.
Even when the school day was over, there was still work to be done.  February fourth was one of a handful of staff development afternoons at Pioneer known as Mandatory Days.  During Mandatory Day, all teachers stay for two hours and use the time for planning, goal setting, and curriculum development.  Throughout Mandatory Day, Ms. Muhlbauer checked in with different teachers to see how the library could help with planning.  She met with eighth grade ELA teachers Mr. Colaiacovo and Mrs. Wood to hear how their medical ethics research project was progressing.  They will be visiting the library with their classes later in February to go over works cited pages.  Ms. Muhlbauer also visited with the fifth, sixth, and seventh grade ELA teachers concerning updates to the summer reading book lists for 2015.  Ms. Muhlbauer also gathered resources for two fifth grade science teachers, took down ILL requests from Ms. Schaper and Mrs. Rice, and worked with Mr. LoBianco and Ms. McKenzie on a STEM grant submission to support Maker Club.

All in all, a very busy day in the library!  Below is a summary of all that happened during February 4th.  We hope to participate in SnapShotNY again next year.

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