Monday, March 9, 2015

2015 Science Olympiad Competition

On Saturday, March seventh, fifteen students from Pioneer Middle School competed in the regional Science Olympiad competition held at Waterfront Elementary in Buffalo.  The competition involved participating in twenty different events, covering many different areas of science.  This required a lot of preparation during the months leading up to the competition. 

Some of the events, such as Air Trajectory or Bridge Building, required bringing a project to the competition.  Other events, such as Solar System and Dynamic Planet, involved preparing to take a test or lab practical.

Pioneer placed a respectable eighth place overall.  The team received medals in the following events:
  • Fifth place in Air Trajectory
  • Fifth place in Experimental Design
  • Fourth place in Entomology
  • Fourth place in Invasive Species
  • Fourth place in Picture This
  • Fourth place in Wheeled Vehicle
  • Third place in Potions and Poisons
  • Second place in Write It/Do It
  • First place in Robo Cross
The 2015 Pioneer Science Olympiad Team
Most importantly, the Pioneer group was comprised of great students who diligently prepared for their events, displayed class and professionalism during the competition, and worked together as a fantastic team.  The entire team should be commended for their hard work and accomplishments!

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