Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Recycling Never Looked So Good!

During this school year, the high school in our district was fortunate enough to receive some renovations and upgrades, namely to the science wing.  This was extremely lucky for the middle school because we were then the happy recipients of the cabinetry formerly used in the old high school science wing.  The cabinets were then repurposed into library shelving!

Our library's old metal shelving has certainly seen better days.  This shelving was original to our building.  Because they were made of metal, it gave the library more of an industrial sort of feeling rather than the warm feeling we were hoping to create in the library space.
A section of old metal shelving in the nonfiction section.  The metal legs were a tripping hazard!

The old metal shelving was overflowing with books.

It was difficult to house our leveled readers using the old shelves.
Before school ended for February break, all of the books in the areas received new shelving had to be removed, sorted, and boxed.  A special thanks to Mrs. Boberg, Mrs. Wright, and Mrs. Rickerson for tackling this big project!

An example of the MANY boxes it took for this project.
Over February break, the old shelving was removed from the library.  The new shelving was then brought in and assembled.  This was hard work!  The cabinets needed to be stained and many shelves needed to be cut in order for the shelving to be just right.  Thank you to Mr. Fiegl, Mr. Heim, Mr. Lavery, and Mr. Dressel for their help with this part of the project.
Stacks of metal shelving ready for removal.

The beginning stages of the new shelving.
Once we returned back to school after February break, Mrs. Boberg, Mrs. Wright, and Mrs. Rickerson expertly and quickly put the books back in order. 
The new shelving in the nonfiction section.

Another view of the nonfiction area with the new shelving.

The new shelves in the fiction area.  There was even room for our TV!
I hope that you will agree that the new shelves are a major improvement to our library.  There is now adequate space for all of the books, as the wooden shelving holds more than the old metal shelving was capable of.  Perhaps the best part about this renovation is that all of the materials were recycled!  This is one instance where we were happy to get hand-me-downs.

The next phase of the project will involve Mr. Daggett and the art club students.  The new shelving is very tall, so there is space available at the top of each shelf where we can display student artwork.  The art club will be working on small murals (corresponding to Dewey Decimal topic) for the tops of the shelving.  We are looking forward to seeing their creativity and displaying their work here in the library!

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