Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Countdown to the Global Read Aloud!

The students in Mrs. Proudman's class are currently working through an author study focusing on the books of Amy Krouse Rosenthal.  Last year, we read some of her titles and they were really enjoyable!  Since we have many new faces in Mrs. Proudman's group this year, we thought it was beneficial to read some of our old favorites again, as well as delve into some books that were new to all of us.

Placing our author study at this time gives us the opportunity to participate in the Global Read Aloud.  For those unfamiliar with the Global Read Aloud, it is an event designed to facilitate a shared reading experience across the globe.  There are specific books selected for a variety of grade levels and interests.  Participants are urged to reach out to others in order to share their experiences with reading.  This experience will help students to appreciate the world around them, as well as show caring to students in other parts of the world.

Although we are just in the early stages of planning our connections for the Global Read Aloud, we are excited to report that we will be sharing our experiences with the students in Mrs. Walterich's library at Highland Elementary School in Derby, NY. 

Our classes will be communicating via Padlet, sending postcards, and possibly connecting through Google Hangouts for a live chat.  Our class is looking for other students to share ideas with, so please email me (mmuhlbauer at, message me on Twitter (@muhlbs83), or leave a comment at the end of this blog post if you are interested in learning along with us!

Now to the books.  Last week, we began our author study by reading I Wish You More.  After reading, each student shared a specific wish they had for the future.  Wishes ranged from wanting to be a doctor to wanting to go out to eat at a restaurant that night!  We focused specifically on the page which stated, "I wish you more umbrella than rain."  The class decorated and folded their own umbrellas.
Intense focus while coloring!

A beautiful finished product.

Ready for the rain!
Today we read Spoon, an old favorite by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.  Some returning students remember this book from library class last year.  The book tells the story of Spoon, who is feeling a little blue about all of the things he can't do.  By the end of the book, Spoon is able to embrace all of the unique things that he can do.  It is a great story about celebrating individuality and uniqueness.

In order to explore our own creativity, we spent the rest of our library visit decorating our own spoons.  All of the craft items were donated to the library, so it was even nicer that our art project was a recycling project as well.  The finished products are absolutely amazing and unique, just like our students!
Donated art supplies used for our spoon project.

What a great group!
Now that we have had a taste of a few Amy Krouse Rosenthal books, we are ready to dive in to the rest of her stories during Global Read Aloud!  We are looking forward to sharing this experience with other students worldwide.

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