Thursday, October 8, 2015

Chopsticks and the Global Read Aloud

Wednesday, October 8th marked our first day of the Global Read Aloud in Mrs. Proudman's class.  We were excited to read more great books by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and are eager to share our experiences with students in other schools.

Chopsticks, our book of the week, told the story of two chopsticks.  The chopsticks were used to doing EVERYTHING together, until one of the chopsticks was injured in an unfortunate incident involving asparagus.  While the injured chopstick was resting, the healthy chopstick went out and experienced life without his best friend.

By the end of the story, both chopsticks learned that it is ok to spend some time apart.  In fact, time apart for friends is often a great thing.  When friends come back together, they will have lots of different experiences and stories to share. 

We then brainstormed different activities we like to do alone and activities we like to do with others.
It was now time to test our skills using chopsticks.  Even though most students in Mrs. Proudman's class have never used chopsticks before, the students were ready to tackle a new challenge. 

Using their chopsticks, students moved fruit snacks from their napkin to a cup.  Some students were so quick with chopsticks that they moved the fruit snacks back and forth from the napkin to the cup several times!
Getting the hang of using chopsticks.

Learning how to hold chopsticks was difficult.

Using the chopsticks to pick up fruit snacks.

Enjoying a treat!
Of course, the best part of the chopstick activity was getting to eat the fruit snacks.  Some of Mrs. Proudman's students enjoyed using chopsticks so much that they brought their chopsticks to snack time and lunch that day!

We are looking forward to reading Duck! Rabbit! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal next week.

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