Thursday, October 15, 2015

Duck! Rabbit!

We are now into week #2 of the Global Read Aloud with Mrs. Proudman's class.  On Wednesday, October 13th, we began by checking in with the other classes we are collaborating with for the Amy Krouse Rosenthal author study.

First, we viewed a padlet created by Mrs. Walterich's library students at Highland Elementary School in Derby, NY.  These students shared examples of what they like to do alone and what they like to do with a friend.  We were surprised to learn that we share many of the same interests!

Next, we looked at a padlet created by Ms. Moore's class at Jefferson Houston School in Virginia.  We thought it was really neat to be hearing from a classroom outside of New York!  Like Mrs. Proudman's class, the students in Ms. Moore's group are of multiple ages.  The students in this class are in kindergarten, first grade, and fourth grade.  We agreed with Ms. Moore's students when they said that the book had multiple meanings.  We believed that the book was about both friendship and learning how to be by yourself.

We then looked at a padlet that our group created.  We have been sharing our thoughts about the book and two other schools--both in Canada!--have been sharing their reflections as well.  Ms. Mabin's first graders live in Toronto, Ontario which is not too far away from our area in Western New York.  Her students believed that the chopsticks were very nice because the chopstick stayed with his friend while he was healing from the asparagus injury.  Mme Wray's group also weighed in on Chopsticks.  Her classroom is comprised of first and second graders in Lasalle, Ontario.  This classroom is unique because they participate in French immersion.  They will be reading our author study books in both English and French!  Mme Wray's students read Duck! Rabbit! first and will be reading Chopsticks this week.  We are looking forward to hearing their thoughts.

After we were finished checking the padlets, we moved on to read Duck! Rabbit! which was our next Amy Krouse Rosenthal book.  This story was based on an optical illusion.  An animal was present in the story, but it was hard to tell if the animal was a duck or a rabbit.  During the reading of the book, students were very giggly!  They definitely enjoyed hearing this silly story.

Once the book was complete, we polled the students in order to see if they thought the animal was a duck or a rabbit.  The students had very convincing reasons to support their choices!  We had a lively, yet respectful, debate about the animal in the book.
The results of our class poll: Duck - 4 votes, Rabbit - 1 vote.
 Students then used their artistic skills to draw their own animal.  Using a piece of paper with only the head of the animal presented in the book, students drew and colored in either a duck or rabbit body.  They then composed a sentence providing the reason behind their choice of animal.  The finished products were lovely!

Next week, our library class will meet on Monday.  We are looking forward to hearing what other classrooms have been working on and reading the next story in our Amy Krouse Rosenthal author study.

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