Thursday, October 29, 2015

Exclamation Mark!

We are continuing to have a great time celebrating The Global Read Aloud with Mrs. Proudman's class.  Our week four activity included reading the book Exclamation Mark! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.  But first, we needed to check in with our friends at other schools who are also reading the same books.

Ms. Satov's class from the Mabin School in Toronto, Ontario answered our questions we posted on the padlet!  We learning many interesting things about their weather (they use Celsius instead of Fahrenheit), where they shop for food, and living in an urban area.  They had many questions for our group and each student took a turn answering a question.  We'll continue to answer more of their questions during the next library visit.

While on the padlet, we noticed that another class, fourth graders from the Lockhart School on Long Island, left notes for us too!  It was interesting to learn about their thoughts on Duck! Rabbit!

We were then able to read Exclamation Mark!  This book talked about how an exclamation mark was feeling out of place because it didn't look like all of the periods.  One day, the exclamation mark meets a new friend - a question mark.  After the question mark asks too many questions, the exclamation mark learns he has a new skill - he can YELL and add emphasis to the end of a sentence!  Once the exclamation mark learns of his new powers, he can't help but add pizzazz to the end of many phrases.  This story showed us that it is ok to be unique and that all of us possess special skills.  Mrs. Proudman's students especially loved YELLING along with the exclamation mark!

As we moved into our next activity, I was happy to share another special surprise with Mrs. Proudman's group.  We received postcards from Mrs. Drew's class at Heritage Elementary in Wake Forest, North Carolina!  We learned that their school is in the same county as Raleigh, the state capital of North Carolina.
Our postcards from Mrs. Drew's class.
We discussed that it is polite to respond whenever we receive mail.  Students spent the rest of the class working on postcards for Mrs. Drew's students.  We are not quite ready to send these out, but we will be sending them out as soon as possible.
Working on postcards.

Extreme focus while writing!

The (almost) finished products.
Next week, we are looking forward to reading The OK Book and learning more from our friends worldwide.

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