Tuesday, October 20, 2015

It's Not Fair!

On Tuesday, October 20, 2015, Mrs. Proudman's class met for the third time to work on projects related to the Global Read Aloud.  Before we read this week's book, we were able to check in with other schools participating in the Global Read Aloud.

Ms. Satov's first grade students at the Mabin School in Toronto, Ontario were interested in participating in a question and answer session with our students.  As a group, we brainstormed ten different questions for Ms. Satov's students.  We posted the questions on our padlet.  Some of the questions were about the books, and many of the questions were about what their school is like.
Our questions for Ms. Satov's students.
We then read this week's Global Read Aloud selection.  This book was called It's Not Fair.  While we read the story, there were many instances we could relate to.  Sometimes, life just isn't fair!  After reading the book, we agreed that even though things sometimes aren't fair, it's best to put a positive spin on any situation we are dealt.  We looked at specific scenes from the group and found ways to find the positives, even if something did not seem fair.  This was not a difficult task for Mrs. Proudman's students.  They are definitely a "glass half full" type of group - it was easy for them to find the positives!
Our reflections on being happy with what we have.
This week, students were very eager to check out books.  At this time, we allowed students to exchange their books for this week.  When students returned back from book checkout, they worked on a picture depicting something in their life that wasn't fair.

We are looking forward to next week's library visit.  Not only will we be reading another Amy Krouse Rosenthal book, but we will also learn the answers to our questions for Ms. Satov's class!

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