Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Library Clubs Begin

The school is a busy place during the school day, but once clubs begin to meet, the library is busy after school as well!  Our library is home to First LEGO League, Maker Club, Newspaper Club, and the newly-formed Coin Collectors Club.  Students from all grade levels are welcome to attend these events.

Pioneer Middle's First LEGO League team meets on Mondays after school until 5:00pm.  This activity requires a little more dedication that a regular club because the team members are preparing for a competition.  First Lego League team members are preparing for a robotics competition, a science presentation offering solutions to problems involving trash removal, and a core values task where students demonstrate their ability to work as a team.
Students from the Pioneer LEGO League Green Team begin project preparations.

The Pioneer White team starts brainstorming solutions to problems involving trash.
Sadly, First LEGO League will come to a close shortly.  Our teams' regional competition will take place on Saturday, November 14th at Houghton College.  The students are looking forward to completing preparations and testing their skills against other students in the region.

Perhaps the most highly-anticipated event for the beginning of the year was the return of Maker Club on Wednesdays.  Even on the first day of school, students were asking when Maker Club would begin!  We had our biggest group for Maker Club yet and continue to add new members as the weeks go along.  We even added a new advisor, Ms. McKenzie, to our club as well.
Our first meeting of Maker Club. Students gathered to learn about the club's guidelines and expectations.
Enjoying the Lego bin during Maker Club.
 Students have already begun work on a variety of creative projects during Wednesday Maker Club.  An exciting addition to our maker offerings this year is the creation of "Super Maker Thursday."  This is a time where all participants will work with a leader (either a student or adult) to create a specific  project.  Our first Super Maker Thursday will take place on Thursday, October 29th where a student, Carol, will lead students in creating Halloween cards.  We are looking forward to learning with Carol!

Fridays are home to two different library clubs.  Newspaper Club will continue to meet on Fridays and students are already hard at work on articles and comics.  At our first meeting of Newspaper Club, students brainstormed different things they would like to see within the newspaper.  Our goal is to publish a newspaper each quarter.
Students get together at the first Newspaper Club meeting.
A newly-formed Friday group is the Coin Collectors Club.  This small group, began by a group of fifth grade students, meets to discuss coin collecting and specific coins.  They will be meeting on select Fridays to further discuss coins.
Coin collecting enthusiasts log in to the computers to research their favorite coins.
With the exception of First LEGO League (where our teams are already formed), students of all ages are welcomed and encouraged to join any of our after school clubs in the library.  We are always welcoming new members!

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