Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The OK Book

We can't believe that next week is our last week for The Global Read Aloud!  The students in Mrs. Proudman's class have been having a wonderful time reading and reflecting on the works of Amy Krouse Rosenthal.  It will be difficult to top this experience, for sure.

This week, we began library class by continuing to answer the questions that Mrs. Satov's class shared with us on the padlet.  We had four students in class today, so the students were able to answer two questions each.

We then read The OK Book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.  This is a story about a stick figure who admits that there are some things that he is just "ok" at.  What was really clever about the book is that when you turn the stick figure sideways, it spells OK!  When we discovered this fact, the class had a fit of giggles.  At the end of the story, the character shared that while he is ok at many things, he is having lots of fun learning about what he would be really good at.

As a class, we discussed the things in our life that we are "just OK" at doing.  We discussed that it is OK to be OK - you will not be great at everything you try, but that shouldn't hold you back from trying!
Our list of things we are OK at doing.
While we might just be OK at certain things, there are definitely some things that we are GREAT at doing!  The students in Mrs. Proudman's class have many unique and wonderful skills.  It was interesting to hear all of the things the students are GREAT at doing.
Our list of things we are GREAT at doing.
Once we were finished with our list, we then went back to working on the postcards for Mrs. Drew's class in Wake Forest, NC.  During our last library visit, students created beautiful illustrations for the postcards.  This week we focused on adding some sentences to the postcards.  Mrs. Proudman's students wrote great sentences about their favorite Amy Krouse Rosenthal books.
Working on postcards for Mrs. Drew's class.
After putting the final touches on the postcards, students were eager to check out books.  Some of this week's favorites included Captain Underpants, Dork Diaries, My Weird School, and hunting magazines.  Students then returned to the table to work on their very own OK drawings.  It was interesting to see how students decided to illustrate their OK characters!

Next week, we have our choice of reading any Amy Krouse Rosenthal book we choose!  What is your class looking forward to reading?

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