Friday, November 13, 2015

Wrapping Up the Global Read Aloud

On Thursday, November 12th, 2015, Mrs. Proudman's class visited the library for our last official day of the Global Read Aloud.  Although we plan on having a few more Amy Krouse Rosenthal activities in the coming weeks, this was the last day that the rest of our friends in other schools would be participating along with us.  It has been fun to take part in this adventure with students from other areas of the world!

First, we had to answer the final questions on the padlet from Ms. Satov's class at the Mabin School in Ontario, Canada.  The class asked how many books we had in our school library.  Mrs. Proudman's students estimated the following numbers of books: 215, 2,000, 2,000, 1,000, and 102.  I believe that we have close to 14,000 books in our library!  This was a fact that surprised Mrs. Proudman's students.  We then shared some of our favorite books and series with Ms. Satov's students.  Currently, we like to read Captain Underpants, Dork Diaries, books about John Deere tractors, Dylan's Day Out, and Mr. Granite is from Another Planet.

Next, I told the students about my friend, Mr. Clark.  Mr. Clark is the librarian at Windom Elementary in Orchard Park, NY.  He had the good fortune to visit with Amy Krouse Rosenthal this summer!  Because of this visit, Mr. Clark has many great things to share about her.  Our class brainstormed questions that we would like to ask Mr. Clark.  Early in December, we will be organizing a Skype visit with Mr. Clark to learn more about Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

For our final book in the author study, we chose to read Uni the Unicorn by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.  This story explains how Uni the Unicorn believes that little girls really are real.  Although the other unicorns in her life try to tell Uni that there is no such thing as little girls, Uni continues to hold on tight to her beliefs and wishes.  This was a wonderful story about the power of believing.  The students agreed that the illustrations in the book were beautiful.

After book selection, we then had some different activities to choose from.  Students could decide if they wanted to color a picture of a unicorn, model a unicorn out of clay, or write down their own unique wishes.  Many of Mrs. Proudman's students decided to participate in all three of these activities!  Here are some examples of the finished products.

We are eager to participate in next year's Global Read Aloud.  We will be curious to see who the author study will focus on next year.  Thank you to all of our new friends around the world that helped make this a positive, fun, and interactive experience!

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