Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Nonfiction Frenzy

On November 18, 2015, Mrs. Irizarry and Mr. Zabaldo brought their seventh grade ELA students down to the library for an in-depth look into nonfiction books.  In fifth and sixth grade, these students visited the library to participate in nonfiction speedbooking and learn about the features of nonfiction books.  By seventh grade, students are definitely ready for more information about nonfiction.

We began the visit by looking at how to perform various book searches by using our library OPAC.  Students learned that our OPAC is available online 24/7, so it is possible to plan your library selections ahead of time if necessary.  The subject search feature provided by OPALS (our library automation system) allows students to zero in on exactly the types of books they are hoping to find. 

Next, we discussed the location of specific nonfiction books within our library.  With help of a library map and a listing of Dewey Decimal ranges, students had information about the area in which different types of nonfiction materials could be found.
Dewey Decimal locations for popular nonfiction books.

Our library map helps students to pinpoint the exact location for books.
After our discussion, it was time for students to put their knowledge to the test.  Students used the iPads to participate in a Kahoot! competition.  All questions required knowledge of nonfiction and our library.  It's very easy to get excited about Kahoot! - it is an extremely fun tool!
A group gets into the spirit of competition with Kahoot!
The students then had the rest of the class period to browse the nonfiction books and select some titles to read.  Some students looked at books that I suggested, while other students used the OPAC or visited the bookshelves. 
Seventh grade students preview some interesting nonfiction books.
What ensued can only be described as a book checkout frenzy.  Over the course of the day, 203 books were checked out!  We are looking forward to seeing seventh grade ELA students again in December to learn about research and works cited pages.


  1. Thank you Ms. Muhlbauer for a very informative lesson. The kids loved the Kahoot contest and they all appreciated the opportunity to explore and find the nonfiction books that, with our guidance, suited their interests.

  2. Thank you!! It is always a pleasure to work with you and your students. Looking forward to the next visit.