Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Nonfiction with Mrs. Rice's Class

Mrs. Rice's fifth grade ELA classes recently visited to learn about the various nonfiction offerings available through the library.  Students came prepared with lots of background information about nonfiction texts.

Our first visit introduced students to speedbooking, which is an activity designed to expose students to a wide variety of books.  Students spent a small amount of time visiting individual books and kept a record of the books that they may be interested in reading later.  Students also recorded the call numbers of the books so that they could visit the nonfiction section and find books on similar subjects.
An interesting nonfiction book about bones!

Mrs. Rice's students participate in nonfiction speedbooking.
After the speedbooking activity, students then had time to select nonfiction books to check out from the library.  Many students decided to borrow books from the speedbooking activity, while other students decided to use the OPAC or browse the shelves. 
Students browse the nonfiction area while in search of the perfect book.
Students returned to the library on Monday, December 1st in order to explore nonfiction in a different way.  Instead of selecting books, we instead focused on learning how to use the text features found within nonfiction. 

Mrs. Rice's students worked in small groups to explore nonfiction books about different dog breeds.  The students successfully located information using the table of contents, glossary, and index.  As an added bonus, we learned many interesting facts about dogs!
A group learns about Bloodhounds.

Students shared the responsibility of using the text features to locate information.
Mrs. Rice's students were extremely successful with using the nonfiction dog books to gather facts and information.  These skills will come in handy as the students continue to tackle challenging informational text.  We look forward to the next time Mrs. Rice's students visit the library!

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