Wednesday, January 6, 2016

T Rex, Nonfiction, and Augmented Reality

Students in Mrs. Proudman's class are exploring the differences between nonfiction and fiction.  Over the next two weeks, we will be reinforcing this concept by reading both fiction and nonfiction selections about the Tyrannosaurus Rex.  This week we read a nonfiction book titled Tyrannosaurus Rex by Aaron Carr.  This book is from the AV2 by Weigl collection.  We love these books for their great content, vivid illustrations, and their inclusion of multimedia materials designed to enhance learning.
Tyrannosaurus Rex by Aaron Carr
Before we began reading the book, we discussed what we already knew about the Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Students knew some excellent facts about this legendary dinosaur!  We recorded our prior knowledge on chart paper.  After reading the book, we were then able to complete our chart with the new facts we had learned.  It is hard to believe that the Tyrannosaurus Rex could eat 500 pounds of meat in one single bite!
Tyrannosaurus Rex facts from students and our nonfiction text.
We then used an augmented reality tool in order to put what we learned into motion.  By using Quiver, a 3D coloring app, students were able to see a 3D representation of the Tyrannosaurus Rex in action.  Students completed a coloring sheet, then held an iPad loaded with the Quiver app over the drawing.  As if by magic, the picture began to move!
Coloring in the Quiver app dinosaur picture.

By using the Quiver app, the dinosaur and volcano appear in 3D!

By watching the 3D dinosaur, it was possible to truly visualize the way that the dinosaur might have looked and moved when it walked the Earth.  This was the perfect way to bring additional life to interesting nonfiction concepts.

Next week, we are looking forward to reading a story about a fictional Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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