Tuesday, January 26, 2016

T. Wrecks!

During the month of January, Mrs. Proudman's class reinforced the idea of fiction and nonfiction while in the library for class.  We looked at both a fiction and nonfiction selection about a particular topic, then noted the differences between the books.

We chose the topic of Tyrannosaurus Rex for our study.  On a previous visit, students viewed a nonfiction selection about the T. Rex and learned many interesting facts.  Click here to read about our nonfiction study.  On a subsequent visit, we looked at a wonderful fictional story called Tyrannosaurus Wrecks! by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen.  I had the good fortune to meet this author at the AASL Conference in November 2015.  I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book and introduce it to Mrs. Proudman's students!
Tyrannosaurus Wrecks! by Sudipta Bardan-Quallen.
This story talks about a young Tyrannosaurus whose behavior is a little destructive and inappropriate at first.  Over the course of the story, the Tyrannosaurus changes his behavior in order be a better friend to his other classmates.  This was a funny story, and students could truly relate to what the T. Rex was going through.

After reading the story, we then compared the fictional story to the nonfiction text we read the previous week.  We were able to understand the difference between a story that provided entertainment and a book that contained facts.  Students were also well aware of where the fiction and nonfiction books were housed within the library.

We then used some supplies in our library makerspace in order to create a neat dinosaur finger puppet.  Students used cut outs and a toilet paper tube to craft a dinosaur finger puppet.

Assembling the dinosaur finger puppet.

The finished product!
Our February library visits will continue to explore fiction and nonfiction.  We will pay special attention to the works of Seymour Simon, an author slated to visit our school on March 1st, 2016.

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