Thursday, March 10, 2016

Al Pha's Bet

For this week's visit with Mrs. Proudman's class, we decided to read a book by one of our favorite authors - Amy Krouse Rosenthal!  To prepare for our participation in Global Read Aloud (GRA), we had purchased many books by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.  We were not able to get to all of the books during GRA, so it was nice to have some time this month to return to Ms. Rosenthal's books.

The book we chose to read was Al Pha's Bet.  This fictional story was about a gentleman named Al Pha who lived in the days before the alphabet.  He accepted a challenge to find a way to organize all 26 letters into (you guessed it) the alphabet!  Like many of Amy Krouse Rosenthal's books, this story was full of word play, puns, and humor.  Mrs. Proudman's students loved hearing about the silly ways Al Pha chose to organize the letters.

Al Pha's Bet by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

After reading the story, we tried coming up with our own ways to reorganize the alphabet by using foam letters.  The students divided into two separate groups and got right to work!

The students used foam letters to rearrange the alphabet.

It was interesting to see the strategies that each group used to come up with their new version of the alphabet.  While each team had a very different result, both teams displayed excellent teamwork and cooperation.

Finding new ways to rearrange the alphabet.

Both teams worked well together!

At the end of the activity, the students presented their new alphabets to the class.  One group decided to reorganize the alphabet to read backwards instead of forwards.  This took some checking and planning to make sure everything was in the right order! 

A backwards alphabet.
The other group decided to rearrange the letters according to the first letter in each name of all of their classmates.  When they ran out of names of classmates, they then moved onto names of teachers and other friends.  Each letter had some significance to the group.

An alphabet paying tribute to classmates, friends, and teachers.

We had a wonderful time reading Al Pha's Bet.  Next week we will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day with an Irish folktale.  Never a dull moment when Mrs. Proudman's students visit the library!

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