Friday, March 11, 2016

Book Kick-Off for Hatchet

It is without a doubt the students in Mrs. Morey's class love to read!  These students are frequent library customers and have read a number of books together in the classroom.  They were just about to begin reading Hatchet by Gary Paulsen.  In order to create a little more excitement about starting the book, Mrs. Morey's students visited the library during February for a book kick-off.

For those unfamiliar with the book, Hatchet is a fictional story about a boy named Brian who must find ways to survive alone in the wilderness after a plane crash leaves him stranded.  Although the book itself is a work of fiction, it contains many real-life items concerning wilderness survival.

To begin our book kick-off, we first spent some time getting to know Gary Paulsen, the author of Hatchet.  Using an audio clip from, we learned that Gary Paulsen has a great admiration for the wilderness.  Because he had a bit of a troubled life at home, he often found his time in nature to be a peaceful escape from the chaos at home.  It is no wonder that many Gary Paulsen's books are centered around the wilderness!

We then took some time viewing different videos pertaining to survival themes.  The students watched the video clips on the screen, then we discussed the videos as a group.

We used the projector in order to view video clips about the wilderness.

The video clips focused on how to survive alone in the wilderness, ways to build a shelter, what to do in the event of a bear attack, and how to use items in nature to make your own camouflage.  Mrs. Morey's students came in with lots of background knowledge, but the videos taught us even more.  We had a very interesting discussion about survival skills! 

Some of the facts we learned include:
  • Building a shelter on high ground helps keep your shelter dry
  • A jacket hood can be used to filter water so it is safe to drink
  • If a bear attacks, you will want to curl up on the ground and protect your neck

Students recorded their observations about the videos.

It was wonderful to get to visit with Mrs. Morey's class.  We learned many new survival tips.  It will be interesting to see if the tips we learned during our book kick-off are the same strategies that Brian uses in the book Hatchet

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