Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Celebrating Diversity Month

February 2016 marked Diversity Month at Pioneer Middle School.  During this month, there were many activities designed to shed light on issues and themes that Pioneer students may not previously have had an awareness about.

The library celebrated Diversity Month in a variety of ways.  Throughout the month of February, books featuring diverse characters or written by authors of diverse backgrounds were prominently displayed in the library.  Many of the books displayed are also included on the We Need Diverse Books website.  This website is an amazing resource for learning about great authors and titles!

Books selected for the Diversity Month display.

As the books were checked out, we replaced them with new titles.

In addition to the library display, I also appeared on the morning announcements to give book talks on some of the great books available on our display.  The books highlighted include:

Lastly, we hosted a reading contest in the library.  Each time a student read a book from the display, they were invited to fill out a short survey about the book. Winning entries were selected at random.

The survey asked students to write down the title, author, genre, main idea, and an answer to one question.  The question stated, "From this book, did you gain a new appreciation for people whose experiences are different that yours?"

Students with the winning entries chose to read the following books (I am listing these because they are excellent choices for independent reading!):

Below are some of the answers to the survey questions.  The answers to these questions show that our Pioneer students are insightful, kind, and have a strong appreciation for others.

The books displayed during the month of February are always available for checkout in the library.  We enjoyed participating in February's Diversity Month and look forward to connecting students with books featuring characters and authors from different backgrounds.

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