Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Homemade Lava Lamps

As part of our school's Maker Club offerings, students are allowed to "pitch" an idea for a Super Thursday.  A Super Thursday event is a student-led workshop involving crafts, computer coding, or technology.  Prior to scheduling and promoting a Super Thursday, the student instructor must create their lesson, gather the necessary supplies (I'll help, of course!), and run through their lesson.

Our third Super Thursday was taught by Carol, one of our amazing Maker Club members.  Carol is a natural teacher.  She is kind, organized, and helpful when instructing other students through the Super Thursday activity.

The activity Carol organized for this month involved making homemade lava lamps.  This project aligned well to our Maker Club ideas, as many of our projects involve recycled materials or items that could be obtained for a small cost.  The supplies needed for this project were empty water bottles, water, vegetable oil, Alka Seltzer, and food coloring.  We also used items already found in our makerspace in order to decorate the finished products.

Through use of a PowerPoint, Carol led students through the creation of the lava lamps.  It was a multiple step project, but Carol kept the lesson clear and organized throughout.  Did I mention she is a natural teacher?!

Students listen to the next step in the project.

The vegetable oil and Alka Seltzer created the lava lamp effect.

The Alka Seltzer needed to be carefully poured into the bottle.

Once the lava lamps were made and the water bottle caps were properly secured, students then decorated their creations.  Carol put on some music in order to make the decorating even more fun!  It was interesting to see the wide variety of finished products.

The Super Thursday group with their homemade creations.

Beautiful homemade lava lamps!

Any student interested in coordinating a Super Thursday event is encouraged to pitch their idea.  See Ms. Muhlbauer, Ms. McKenzie, or Mr. LoBianco for more information.

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