Friday, March 18, 2016

Thank you, Seymour Simon!

On March 1st, 2016, the fifth, sixth, and seventh graders at Pioneer Middle School had the good fortune to experience a visit from Seymour Simon, a well-known author of books for children.  For the past several weeks, students came to the library to learn more about Seymour Simon and his books.  Due to their participation in these activities, students had background knowledge on Seymour Simon's works and were looking forward to meeting the author in person!

Seymour Simon's visit certainly did not disappoint.  He captivated the middle school audiences with information about outer space and other science concepts.  Instead of just relating facts to the students, he inspired them to think beyond their current knowledge and remain curious about the world (and solar system!) around us. 

Seymour Simon speaks to an audience at Pioneer Middle School.

All Pioneer students deserve to be commended for their behavior during the visit.  They were attentive, polite, and shared their knowledge with Mr. Simon when he asked questions.  The student groups definitely exemplified what it means to be Respectful, Responsible, and Ready.

After the presentations, Mr. Simon then signed books for students and staff members who ordered copies of his books.  The large number of books ordered (nearly 150!) signifies that we have a school of curious learners here at Pioneer.

Seymour Simon graciously autographed many books for the Pioneer community!

The visit inspired many classes to write thank you notes to Seymour Simon.  The fifth grade students in Mrs. Rice's class sent Mr. Simon a very humorous card based on a event that actually happened in their classroom.  A student signed Seymour Simon's Paper Airplane Book out of the library.  After the student built a great airplane from the book's instructions, he proceeded to fly the plane - directly into the hair of another student!  The card the students sent to Mr. Simon included a step-by-step recreation of this hilarious event.

Mrs. Proudman's students might be the biggest fans of Seymour Simon in the whole middle school.  They spent many weeks on a Seymour Simon author study during their library visits.  They especially like his books about animals.  Each student sent a personalized note to the author.

A thank you note from a student in Mrs. Proudman's class.

The seventh grade science students in Mrs. Wyman and Mrs. Unghire's rooms were also eager to send a note of thanks.  They created class notes where each student decorated a star with a personal message to the author.

A thank you note from a seventh grade science class.
Students added personalized messages to Seymour Simon.

Students were inspired by Seymour Simon's visit.

Seymour Simon's visit sparked students' interest in learning about space.

Perhaps the greatest testament to Mr. Simon's visit is that his books are constantly checked out of our library.  Since his visit, there is not a Seymour Simon book to be found!  This is a great problem to have if you happen to be a librarian.  It's wonderful to know that students are enjoying their reading material.

Thank you again, Seymour Simon!  Your visit was informative and inspiring.  We appreciate that you were willing to take the time to visit us at Pioneer Middle School.

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