Thursday, April 7, 2016

Glory Be Book Trailers

The students in Mrs. Rice's fifth grade ELA classes just finished reading Glory Be, a historical fiction book by Augusta Scattergood.  They enjoyed reading the book so much that they wanted to share their reviews with others by creating book trailers.  Similar to movie trailers, book trailers are created to generate interest and excitement about a particular title.

Although students were eager to begin recording, it was first necessary to come up with a detailed plan for the book trailers.  Movie directors must carefully plan out their movie, so book trailer directors must also have all the specifics ironed out prior to recording.  Students were divided into groups and began working on their scripts and storyboards.

Students spent a great deal of time planning their projects.

An example of a completed script and storyboard.

Student groups worked diligently to prepare their scripts and storyboards.  They wanted to make sure that their book trailers were interesting and well-organized, so they understood the importance of these planning steps.  Although all groups were given the same organizer for the script and storyboard, the groups definitely brought their own individuality and unique ideas to the project.  No two scripts were the same!

Once the scripts were set, it was now time to look for pictures.  Students were hoping to include a variety of images.  We discussed the importance of citing work that does not belong to us.  The groups were certain to include the website where they found the image.

The groups were now at the point where they could complete their book trailers!  We chose to use Voicethread, a service provided through CA BOCES, to make the book trailers.  Voicethread allows students to upload pictures and then record their own voices over the pictures.  We liked that Voicethread was easy to use.  Once students uploaded their pictures, they were ready to record their own audio.

Students received detailed instructions prior to using Voicethread.

Students found quiet corners of the library in order to record the audio for their book trailers.

Once the book trailers were complete, it was now time to share the Glory Be goodness with the rest of the world!  Mrs. Rice invited other Pioneer students in to watch the book trailers.  It was great to be able to share their projects with other groups of students.

Students from other classes stopped down to see the book trailers.

Students wanted to share the book trailers with an even larger audience.  We thought a website would be a great way to accomplish this.  In order to make this happen, all of the completed book trailers can be found on our library website here.  Be sure to check them out!

Here are just a few examples of the completed book trailers.  All student groups did an outstanding job! Mrs. Rice's students hope these book trailers inspire you to read Glory Be by Augusta Scattergood.

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  1. Thank you, Mrs. Rice's fifth grade! These are great. I love all the pictures, how carefully you read, hearing your super voices. "Glory has guts!"really made me smile. And time travelers! I had never thought of it like that but you are so right. Good work! Thanks for sharing.