Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Book Trailers: Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

Mrs. Proudman's students certainly have a reason to be PROUD!  For the last several library classes, students participated in an extensive book trailer project.  During their time in the classroom, students listened to Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin.  This 2010 Newbery Honor Book is set in China.  Minli, the book's protagonist, embarks on a journey to see if she can achieve good fortune for her family.  The book melds together tradition, fantasy, history, and family values into a beautifully crafted and wonderfully illustrated story.

While in library class, students were introduced to the concept of a book trailer.  Much like a movie trailer, book trailers are designed to generate interest around the book in question.  Students were very excited to get the opportunity to promote Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.  It was their favorite read aloud from this school year!

We then looked at other student-generated book trailers for inspiration.  Mrs. Rice's fifth grade students had already completed a book trailer project, so we viewed their trailers before beginning.

The students also learned that lots of planning goes into the creation of book trailers.  You certainly can't "wing it" - all groups needed to be prepared with a script and storyboard prior to recording.  Students spent many library visits working on their book trailer scripts.  As part of the script, students sketched ideas for the artwork they would want to include within their book trailers.

A graphic organizer that students used to prepare for the project.

On the last slide, students gave their recommendations of the book.

Mrs. Proudman's class is full of creative students.  In order to best flex their creative muscles, it was decided that all of the book trailers would contain original artwork created by the students.  To get an idea of different styles of art, Mrs. Proudman took her students on an art walk through the building.  Students learned about different artistic styles and used this information to decide which style to use for the book trailer.  The groups decided to use paint, watercolors/sketching, and clay sculptures.

Now the fun really began!  Students used the rough sketches from their scripts as the basis for book trailers' art pieces.  Since all of the book trailers contain five slides of information, each group was responsible for making five works of art.

The class made a supply list so they remembered what they needed to bring to the library.

Play Doh was perfect for modeling clay sculptures.

The artists in action!

Many different artistic styles were used.

It was very interesting to see the wide variety of art pieces made by the students.  The finished pieces were all unique and extremely well done.  Here are some examples of artwork:

Minli and the Man in the Moon (watercolor).

Minli's village (clay).

Dragons and Minli (tempera paint).

We then uploaded all of the artwork into Voicethread.  The Voicethread software is provided through CA BOCES.  It allows students to upload images then record their own voice over the images.  Students were able to record over and over again until they were happy with the way their recordings sounded.

A group finds a quiet corner in which to record.

A Braille script was helpful for recording the audio for the book trailers.

The completed book trailers were nothing short of amazing!  It was wonderful to see the artwork and hear each student. View all three completed book trailers by clicking here.

On Wednesday, June 22nd, we will be holding a reception in the library to honor the great work done by Mrs. Proudman's students.  We're looking forward to many more library projects next year!

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