Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Nana in the City

The Global Read Aloud is officially here!  Last week, Mrs. Proudman's group was introduced to the event and learned a little about Lauren Castillo, the author/illustrator we are studying.  This week we were ready to dive into the books.

Before reading, we spent a moment looking at our Padlet page for this project.  This is a page where we will be sharing our thoughts and ideas with other students that are reading Lauren Castillo's books.  We can't wait to read messages from new friends!

A sneak peek into our Padlet page for The Global Read Aloud.

This week's book was Nana in the City, which was both written and illustrated by Lauren Castillo.  The story talked about how a grandson initially did not like visiting his Nana in the scary.  To help fix this problem, his Nana made him a cape that made him brave.  While wearing his cape, the grandson realized that the city can be a fun place to visit.

Nana in the City by Lauren Castillo

Our school is located in a very rural area in Western New York.  Where we live is very different than what people would find in the city.  As a group we discussed differences between cities and the country.

Our ideas about the differences between the city and the country.

We then thought about all of the things we would do if we had a bravery cape like the boy in the story.  It was interesting to hear about all of the scary things we would face when we were feeling brave!  We worked on an illustration and sentence to show our ideas.

Our group working on our illustrations.

 Here are some of the ideas that our class generated.  We used a great worksheet provided by Erin Kramer, another teacher participating in the Global Read Aloud.

Hannah would face a wild coyote.

David would try driving his tractor.

Evan would face a bad guy.

Logan would face his brother Owen.
Ty would not be scared of being injured.

Nicholas would not be scared of bad guys.

We will be updating our Padlet to reflect the work done by the class this week.  We can't wait to read the next story!

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