Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Reader

Today's library visit with Mrs. Proudman's class seemed to go by a bit too quickly!  We spent time checking in with our partner school, then we read this week's book.

We first looked at the Padlet page we share with Mrs. Jerabek's class at the Carol Stream School.  This page displayed our "All About Me" assignments where we were able to learn a bit about the students in each school.  When we read the "All About Me" pages aloud, we discovered that there are many similarities and differences between the students in our classes.

Today's book was The Reader by Amy Hest.  The book was illustrated by Lauren Castillo, who is the focus of our book study for The Global Read Aloud.  We made a prediction about the book based on its cover.  Since the cover showed a snowy scene, we thought the book would take place in winter.

The Reader is set in winter.

Our prediction about the book was correct!  The Reader is definitely set during winter.  This story talks about a boy (the reader) and how he finds a special spot to read with his friend (an adorable dog).  The book got us thinking about winter and the different places where we like to read.

Although we aren't quite ready for another snowy winter in Western New York, we agreed that there are many fun winter activities to do in our area.  We made a list of the activities our class likes to participate in during winter.

Our favorite winter activities.

We also had a discussion about the places where we like to read.  The Reader in today's story picked kind of an unusual spot for reading.  It turns out that the students in our class had some unusual places for reading, too!

Mrs. Proudman's students find some interesting places for reading.

Next week, we are looking forward to reading Twenty Yawns.  It is hard to believe that we are already halfway through this year's Global Read Aloud!  It has been wonderful to read these stories.

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