Friday, October 14, 2016

The Troublemaker

Mrs. Proudman's class visited the library on October 13, 2016 for our second official Global Read Aloud session.  It is very exciting to be reading Lauren Castillo's books alongside other classrooms around the world.

We began our library visit by reading the mail we received from other GRA classrooms.  Our class received postcards from W. S. Boardman Elementary School in Oceanside, NY and Calvin Coolidge School in Shrewsbury, MA.

It was great to receive postcards from other schools!

Next, we checked our Padlet page to see if we received any messages there.  Mrs. Jerabek's class at Carol Stream School left us lots of material to read!  First, they shared what their class would do if they had a bravery cape like the boy in Nana in the City.  It was interesting to see that many of the students in their class had similar answers to what we discussed in our class.

After reading their Nana in the City responses, we then looked at the All About Me pages for each of Mrs. Jerabek's students.  There are 18 students in the class, so we did not have time to read all of the pages during our library visit.  We plan to read more of their responses next week.  We noticed that there were similarities and differences between Mrs. Jerabek and Mrs. Proudman's students.  Some of the food that Mrs. Jerabek's students enjoy (such as Pozole) is food that we are unfamiliar with in our area of Western New York.  We plan to make some of the foods listed in the All About Me pages so we can try it out!

We were then able to get into reading The Troublemaker, our Lauren Castillo book for the week.  This story focused on a boy who was bored and then made a bad choice by stealing his sister's stuffed bunny.  After the boy was exposed as the bunny-kidnapper, strange things start to happen to him.  A real raccoon then steals the bunny, as well as a number of items belonging to the boy!  We discussed similarities between this story and the tale of the boy who cried wolf.

The Troublemaker by Lauren Castillo was this week's book.

Once we were finished with the story, we discussed some times where we could have made a better choice.  We wanted to make sure that we didn't have the same experience as the boy in the book!  Mrs. Proudman's students came up with excellent answers as to behaviors we should try to avoid.  Our list evolved into ideas for behaviors we should exhibit.

Our class's ideas after reading The Troublemaker.

We were all ready to work on a craft activity when we discovered our library class was almost over!  Students had just enough time to select their library books before the bell rang.  Mrs. Proudman took the craft activity back to the classroom for students to work on during their Fun Friday time.

Students will make paper hats like the one the boy in The Troublmaker wore.

Mrs. Proudman's students brought the hats down later on in the week!  They even made one for me.

Homemade hats, inspired by The Troublemaker.

Next week's class will be spend responding to our partner schools and reading The Reader, our third Global Read Aloud selection.


  1. I loved how your students thought of better choices. I also need to try to make better choices about waiting until the last minute! Great job! Mrs. Westervelt, Memorial Elementary School, Montvale, NJ

  2. I also have a tendency to procrastinate! Hope your students are loving the Lauren Castillo books. We are having a great time with this project!

  3. How did the paper hats turn out? I need to share that with my students, some of them love origami!

    1. The hats turned out great! I updated the post to include a photo of the finished product.