Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Twenty Yawns

It is week four of the Global Read Aloud.  Today, Mrs. Proudman's class came to the library to read Twenty Yawns, a book written by Jane Smiley and illustrated by Lauren Castillo.  Just the title of the book made us sleepy!

Twenty Yawns was our book of the week.

This story talks about Lucy, a young girl who had a tiring day after spending time at the beach with her parents.  Instead of being able to fall asleep right away, Lucy needed to tuck in all of her stuffed animals before getting sleepy enough to doze off.  This book was full of yawns!  We all agreed that this would be a perfect book to read right before bed.

We spent time discussing the things that we do that make us sleepy.  Mrs. Proudman's students all had different bedtime routines at home.  Here are their responses:

Things that help Mrs. Proudman's students fall asleep.

After reading our story, we then discussed writing to our partnering class for The Global Read Aloud.  We have been reading these books alongside Ms. Jerabek's class at the Carol Stream School Elementary school in Illinois.  So far, we have shared our impressions of the book via Padlet.  We now will be working on sending each other mail!

We discussed the elements of a friendly letter and then the students got right to work.

Working on a letter for the Carol Stream School students.

We have many questions for our partnering school.

Mrs. Proudman's school is looking forward to receiving mail from the Carol Stream School students.  We're hoping that they are enjoying The Global Read Aloud as much as we are.

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