Wednesday, November 9, 2016

City Cat

We can't believe that this was our last week of The Global Read Aloud!  Mrs. Proudman's group has enjoyed reading the books of Lauren Castillo, and today was no exception.  To conclude this project, we read City Cat, a book written by Kate Banks and illustrated by Lauren Castillo.

City Cat by Kate Banks

Throughout the story, City Cat embarks on an adventure across various countries and cities throughout Europe.  The beginning of the book included a detailed map of his journey.  It was amazing to see all of the places City Cat visited along the way!  This book invited many questions about Europe, and we may be using this story as a springboard for future research.

We enjoyed seeing where City Cat was hidden within the book's illustrations.

Once we were finished with the story, we then discussed the different places we would like to travel to with City Cat.  Mrs. Proudman's students picked some great spots!

Places Mrs. Proudman's students would like to visit with City Cat.

After book check out, we then took some time to illustrate the places we would like to travel to with City Cat.  Some students took inspiration from the book, while other students had some different ideas for travel destinations.

Using the book for inspiration.

Illustrating our travel destinations.

Evan would go to Texas with City Cat.

David would go to Texas with City Cat.

Vincent would go to Tornado Alley with City Cat.

Logan would go to Hollywood with City Cat.

Hannah would go to Venice with City Cat.

Although the Global Read Aloud is officially over for our class, we will definitely be seeking out other Lauren Castillo books.  It was a great experience to read these books alongside Mrs. Jerabek's class in Illinois.  We hope to find more ways to connect with others as we read.

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