Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Yard Sale

Week Five of the Global Read Aloud with Mrs. Proudman's students began with happy birthday wishes to Vincent, one of the students in our class!  It was exciting to be able to celebrate his birthday today at school.  Our fifth book was Yard Sale, a book written by Eve Bunting and illustrated by Lauren Castillo.

Yard Sale by Eve Bunting and illustrated by Lauren Castillo.

This book told the story of a yard sale taking place at Callie's old house.  Due to money issues, Callie and her parents would be moving from their house and into a smaller apartment.  Because they are moving to a smaller home, Callie's family must get rid of many items that held sentimental value to them.  In the end, Callie's family would have each other and that is what is most important.

We all agreed that this was a sad, but hopeful book.  Any change is difficult and moving is no exception.  Some students in our class have moved several times while other students have always lived in the same place.  We have all also been to yard sales and found some great treasures!

After finishing the book, we discussed some items that we would NEVER put in a yard sale.  Although all of the adults mentioned family photographs as their treasured items, the students had some different, creative ideas:

Items Mrs. Proudman's students would NOT put in a yard sale.

From this list, it was clear to see the items that were most important to the students in the class.  This gave us some additional insight into what students find to be most cherished in their lives.

After students selected their library books to take home, they then focused on illustrating the item they discussed in our reflection. The students did a great job illustrating their items!

Illustrating our cherished items.

We used colored pencils to color in our illustrations.

Everyone had a different item to share.

The students' finished illustrations are pictured below:

Hannah wouldn't put her Skylanders characters in a yard sale.

Nick wouldn't put his Florida pin collection in a yard sale.

Vincent wouldn't put Slappy in a yard sale.

Logan wouldn't put his Scooby-Doo collection in a yard sale.

Next week, we will be reading City Cat.  It is hard to believe that this year's Global Read Aloud is coming to an end so soon!

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