Thursday, December 1, 2016

Healthy Ingredient Research

For the past two weeks, Mrs. Proudman's class has been performing research on healthy ingredients.  Beginning at the end of our last school year, the class worked hard to plant and care for a garden on the grounds of Pioneer Middle School.  Since then, the items harvested from the garden have been used to create tasty and healthy recipes.

Items grown in the garden included kale, sunflowers, and pumpkins.  Students learned about the healthy benefits of these items by conducting research using websites, databases, and books.

On November 30, 2016, we took time to specifically discuss pumpkins.  These items grew beautifully in the garden, so it was interesting to learn more about the life cycle of a pumpkin.  Using the book From Seed to Pumpkin by Jan Kottke, students were able to hone in on specific pumpkin facts that they found to be interesting.

From Seed to Pumpkin by Jan Kottke

Reading this book gave us a nice opportunity to talk about nonfiction books (there are many nonfiction fans in Mrs. Proudman's class!) and about the text features found within the book.  One feature that we did not need to utilize was the glossary.  Because of students' extensive prior knowledge about pumpkins, they already knew each word that appeared in the glossary!

After reading together, students each received their own copy of the book and started to work on gathering pumpkin facts.

Using the book to find pumpkin facts.

Each student completed a fact sheet about pumpkins.  These sheets will be used in the recipe book that Mrs. Proudman's students are compiling.  In addition to containing delicious recipes, the class book will also include information about the healthy ingredients grown in the garden.

The completed pumpkin sheets are pictured below:

Students were excited about researching because they knew their work will be included in a recipe book that many people will read and enjoy.  It is nice to end a class when everyone is all smiles!

Excited about the recipe project!

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