Friday, December 23, 2016

Last Week of 2016

There is always excitement prior to a holiday break.  This December was no exception!  Here are some library highlights from our last week of school for 2016:

1. The fifth grade enrichment groups finished reading and watching The BFG.  We had some great discussions about the similarities and differences between the book and the movie.  Even though the movie contained some hilarious scenes, most of us believed that the book was better!  The enrichment students from Mrs. Kamats and Mrs. Kline's classes looked through some potential book picks for after the break.  As a group, they decided that we would read Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk.  Students were intrigued by this historical fiction book that involves bullying.  It will be exciting to start a new book together!

2. Mrs. Izzo and Mrs. Kleinschmidt spent three days in the library to kick off their nonfiction unit.  On Monday we began with a nonfiction speedbooking activity.  Through this activity, students received time to visit with many of the different nonfiction books available in the library.  We then talked about call numbers and reviewed strategies for locating library books.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the classes returned in order to take an in-depth look into text features found in nonfiction materials.  Using a wonderful nonfiction series about dogs, students teamed up to locate information using the title page, table of contents, glossary, and index.  In addition to learning about nonfiction text features, we also learned many interesting facts about dog breeds.

Students used dog books to study nonfiction text features.

Students worked together to locate interesting facts.

3. This Wednesday's Maker Club session included some special offerings.  Mrs. Marriott from the Erie Catt Teacher Center dropped by to visit with our club.  Mr. Guzzetta also came to the library to share a motor from his dryer at home.  The motor no longer works, so he thought it would be interesting to take it apart to see what it looks like inside.  It was interesting to see all of the moving parts that go into a motor.  We'll be certain to take more items apart in the future!  We also had a chance to test drive the Dash Robots from Wonder Workshop.  These robots can be programmed using an app called Blockly.  Various groups of students worked through the puzzles on Blockly to understand how block coding can be used to command the Dash Robot.

Using Blockly to program Dash.

Learning to program takes perseverance.  

The LEGO Mindstorms always make an appearance in Maker Club!

4. Mrs. Proudman's students were extremely busy this week, but still made time to visit the library.  We read a beautiful book called A Winter Place by Ruth Yaffe Radin.  This book included beautiful illustrations of the countryside during winter.  The characters within the book were engaged in many wintertime activities.

A Winter Place by Ruth Yaffe Radin.

We then worked on a craft inspired by the wintertime activities depicted in the book.  Using a template and popsicle sticks, students decorated wintertime skiers.  These could be perfect decorations for a holiday dinner table!

Materials needed to make the skiers.

Decorating the skiers.

The finished product!

5.  Last but not least, the library received a HUGE shipment of 237 new books.  Many of these books included student recommendations or the latest installments of popular series.  These books were ready for checkout prior to our winter recess. 

The new books have been getting checked out before break.

When we return to school in 2017, we will be off to a running start with classes.  The week off will be a nice time to rest, recharge, and READ!

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