Friday, January 13, 2017

Thunder Boy Jr.

On January 6, 2016, we said goodbye to Mrs. Proudman, as she is leaving Pioneer to pursue other exciting opportunities.  Although we were sad to see Mrs. Proudman leave, it was great to see that her replacement was a familiar face: Mrs. Leavoy!  Wednesday, January 11th was our first library visit with Mrs. Leavoy's new class.  To make the day even better, we welcomed Jasmine to the class as well.

The library received many new books in December, so we wanted to take the opportunity to read some of these newer selections.  We read Thunder Boy Jr., a book by Sherman Alexie.  The main character in this book is Thunder Boy Smith Jr. (yes, this is his real name).  Although he loves his father, he isn't just like him.  He would like to have his own name, one based on something he has done in his own life.  The story goes through many potential new names until just the right name is chosen.  There were many humorous parts to this story!

Our first library visit with Mrs. Leavoy's new class.

Thunder Boy Jr. is a humorous story written by Sherman Alexie.

After reading the story, we discussed the many interesting things that Thunder Boy Jr. had done.  This led to the question of what makes each of us unique.  Each student discussed something that they liked or something they wanted to be known for.

We then took a moment to brainstorm the PERFECT nickname for ourselves based on our own unique interests.  I'm hoping that some of these nicknames will stick.  They are wonderful!

Inspired by Thunder Boy Jr., students created their own new names/nicknames.

After checking out books, students returned to the tables in order to create a self portrait that incorporated their new nickname.  The finished products were amazing!  Here are just a few examples of the finished portraits:

New Nickname: Fish Boy

New Nickname: Crazy Train

New Nickname: Tractor Boy

New Nickname: Slappy

New Nickname: Draw Girl

Next week, Mrs. Leavoy's students are beginning their unit on weather.  We'll be carrying this unit into our library visit with some weather-related activities!

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