Monday, June 5, 2017

May 2017 Highlights

May 2017 brought many different classes into the library!  Here are some highlights from the month.

Mrs. Leavoy's Weekly Library Visits
For the end of the year, Mrs. Leavoy and I decided to mix up our usual library routine by engaging in a long-term project.  To coincide with the live chicks coming to her classroom, Mrs. Leavoy suggested working on a puppet show of Chicken Little.  During the May library visits, we read a book version of Chicken Little in order to get an idea of the story.  We then read the play version and students expressed their wishes for which role they would like to play.  After roles were assigned, students then read through the scripts again.  While in technology class, Mrs. Leavoy's students are working on building a puppet theater for the production!  In library, they worked on the first step of creating their puppets.

Working on the Chicken Little puppets.

A cow serves as one of the narrators for the puppet show.

Walking Tour of Quebec
The French 8 students in Ms. Marshall's classes spent two days in the library using Aurasma to take a walking tour to points of interest in Quebec.  By pointing the iPad app loaded with Aurasma at a picture, this triggered the iPad to play a video about Quebec.  The students especially liked learning about the Ice Hotel, the Chocolate Museum, an amazing toy store, and of course--poutine!  This was a great way to become immersed in French-speaking culture, all while relaxing before the stressful French speaking exams.

Environmental Issues Research
Throughout the year, Mrs. Kleinschmidt's fifth grade students have become expert users of nonfiction books.  They visit the library every Monday morning, and nonfiction is always a popular choice!  However, the students needed some guidance when it came to using databases and websites for their environmental issues research project.  During the course of a few library visits, small groups were introduced to the library databases (namely World Book and Amazing Animals of the World) and approved websites for research.  We even discussed plagiarism and the importance of keeping track of all of your research sources.

Fifth graders used Symbaloo to access approved websites for research.

Career Research Project
Mrs. LoBianco's seventh grade FACS students are frequent library visitors, and the month of May was no exception.  Students participated in a mock job interview day in the library.  After the job interviews were over, the students then used the Career Cruising database in order to research a career of their choice.  The students learned the advantages of using library databases, as well as some helpful research tips.  The final project involved students choosing how they wanted to present their findings.  There were many creative finished projects.

New Books!
As part of the James Patterson Grant awarded to our school library, we had the opportunity to purchase some new titles to add to the library's collection.  The Goosebumps books are extremely popular, and many of these books are very worn out.  With the money left over from the grant, we purchased a brand new selection of Goosebumps books.  They have been flying off the shelves!

The new Goosebumps books purchased for our library.

Professional Development Opportunities
Outside of daily work at Pioneer, I have been taking advantage of professional development opportunities to learn some new ideas and skills.  It is important to do this in order to stay current on all of the great things that can be brought into school libraries.  The SSL 2017 Conference took place in May (more on that later).  Also in May, I took a PD course through the Erie Catt Teacher Center.  The course was hands-on and all about the 3D Doodler Pen.  This pen is much like a 3D printer, except it is hand-held.  It was interesting exploring the capabilities of this tool.  The pen may be added to our library's makerspace!

Using a pattern, I made glasses using the 3D Doodler pen.

Tried making finger puppets (more practice needed!).
The end of the year is in sight!  One more month until summer vacation.

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