Monday, July 10, 2017

June 2017 Highlights

I feel as though I say this every year, but the school year really flew by!  It seems like we were just getting things started in the library, then it was time to wrap everything up.  Although the work in the library was focused on inventory and tracking down books, we were able to complete some long-term student projects.

Fifth Grade Reading Enrichment
At the beginning of the year, two groups of students from the classrooms of Mrs. Kamats, Mrs. Kline, and Mrs. Asquith came to the library to participate in The Global Read Aloud.  We enjoyed reading together and decided we would continue to meet for the rest of the year!  The books we read together were The BFG by Roald Dahl, Lost in the Sun by Lisa Graff, Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk, The Witches by Roald Dahl, and Middle School: The Worst Years of my Life by James Patterson.  We enjoyed listening to the audiobook versions of these books, working on activities, and watching the movies (when possible).  Near the end of the year, students worked on some maker projects in the library.  We're looking forward to continuing the enrichment program again next year.

Chicken Little Puppet Show
In May and June, the weekly library visits from Mrs. Leavoy's class were dedicated to work on a puppet show version of Chicken Little.  The students learned about life cycles in class and were raising chicks, so it only made sense to continue the theme in the library.  While in technology class, the students built a puppet theater with Mr. Tackett and Mr. Root.  During our library time, we worked on making puppets, learning lines, and projecting their voices for the presentation.

Students used makerspace materials to make their puppets.

Mrs. Leavoy's students worked on perfecting their puppets.

The completed puppets.
During the last week of school, we hosted a performance of the puppet show in the library.  Parents, grandparents, family friends, students, and staff members attended.  It was a full house!  After the performance, we held a breakfast reception.  It was the perfect way to end the year.

The wonderful cast of Chicken Little!

The Chicken Little cast with the puppet theater they made.

Teen Iron Chef Project
Mrs. LoBianco's seventh grade students came to the library one last time for research.  The students used the World Book database in order to research corn, the secret ingredient for their Teen Iron Chef project.  This project involves a high level of teamwork.  Each student within the group plays an important role within the overall project.  All of the team members work in the library to ensure that they have all components of the project addressed before their recipes and creations are evaluated by a team of judges.

End of 2016-2017 Maker Club
Participation in Maker Club seemed to ebb and flow this year.  However, we did have some "regulars" that always made Maker Club a part of their Wednesday afternoon.  Some of the June projects included computer coding practice, a homemade Pokemon guidebook, handmade notebooks, and furniture for hamsters.  Next year, we plan on offering more robotics options and in-depth projects.

The cover of a handmade notebook.

A student used Microsoft Word to generate pages for the notebook.
Working on Scratch, a computer coding program.

Students use various supplies for their projects.

Working on an obstacle course for a hamster.

The 2016-2017 year was one to be remembered!  Next year, we plan on building upon our previous projects and finding even more opportunities for collaboration and student learning.

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